Challenging poses

259[869] Often as I go through some of the high heels pages and pictures I wonder how long the models had to try to get the pose the photographer wanted, and how long they had to hold it before he got the shots he wanted. Some of the poses don't look that comfortable.

The following stunner would have needed to be pretty fit to hold this pose for very long. And she has to stay looking cute and happy at the same time.

This next babe has had to walk out naked over uneven rocks in sexy nigh-club heels, then lean over on an old tree branch, the hold a sexy pose while the photographer tries to get the image he is after.

So her instructions would have been something like: Put on some really skimpy white lingerie that shows us lots of butt and leg, then get up on the piano and make sure we can see those sexy red heels because that what I will be focusing on, and look as sexy but as natural as you can.

Nailed it!!

Instructions: Kneel on this chair and lean forward so your titties hang down as sexy as hell, and get your hair to hang to one side, your bum to stick up, and make sure we can see those wallbanger high heels; oh and, as usual, look happy, sexy, and natural.