More shorts and heels: Friend points out an issue with my last post

256[866]: It's good to have friends. You can always rely on them to highlight the little mistakes that THEY think you have made.

About an hour after my 'shorts and heels' posting last night I got a text message from a friend pointing out that none of the stunners in the posting were bare breasted. I pointed out to him that nothing in my rules says that there has to be a picture in a post where the beautiful girl is sharing her most amazing sexual attribute with us.

Anyway, after a couple of messages back and forth I agreed to try and find some pictures of hot models where their primary sexual attractors (boobies) are being shared with us.

This stunner is almost showing us her primaries.

I am not generally a big fan of high-heeled booties, but the ones this hottie is wearing seem to work.

Without heels . . . . but almost perfect primaries (for my tastes anyway)  . . . . .

The same stunner . . . .  but with her heels one this time . . . .

A big thanks to my amazing girlfriend who helped me find some of these pictures on my smartphone while we were lying in bed this morning. It is awesome finding pictures when she provides 'a helping hand'.