Interesting 'girlie glamour' site: Perve on Her


Professional glamour

Professional glamour

This morning when the girlfriend and I were looking around for quality pictures of stunners in shorts and high heels sharing their beautiful boobies with us (see the previous post), my girlfriend—who was helping—came across a site called "Perve on Her".

Unlike most girlie glamour sites Perve on Her is a paid domain site, such as Addicted to Heels.

Perve on Her is kind of soft-porn although there are explicit pictures of pussy and there is some girl-with-girl sexual activity depicted. Perve oh Her also has advertising (unlike Addicted to Heels).

Most of the pictures at Perve on Her do not feature high heels, but, as you can see from some of the pictures posted here, there are some 'stunners wearing heels' pictures to be found.

Amateur picture of girlfriend.

All of the pictures I reviewed were relatively small and of lower quality, compared to the size of pictures you would generally expect to find on Addicted to Heels.

Perve on Her contains an interesting mixture of professional studio picture, pictures of girlfriends (taken by either the boyfriend of another girlfriend), and selfies.

The next two pictures don't feature heels but the looked so beautiful I decided to put them in.

I might also add at this point that this is technically one of the more complex posts I have put together. I have used side-by-side posts, and for the first time ever I use the SquareSpace carousel picture player. I just hope it works okay.


Studio picture

Studio picture

Following are a couple of cute selfies from Perve on Her. Being selfies taken on smartphones as you would expect the colour balance is not the best, there is digital noise, and the focus is far from perfect.

iPhone selfie

Compact phone selfie

At least with that last one she was using something slightly better than a smartphone.

I will finish off my 'review' of Perve on Her with a few 'stunners in high heels' pictures. This is also the first time I have tried use the 'carousel' feature of SquareSpace. Not too sure how this will work out for those readers that use phones to check out my site.

As always, a HUGE thanks to those girlfriends who let their boyfriends and/or girlfriends take sexy pictures of them and post them on the Web. You brighten up a grey and troublesome world and make the trials of life just a little bit easier for us hopeless men to get through. Ditto to all those beautiful girls who take selfies and make them available. I truly hope the spirits of the Universe take this into account on your path through life.

Just one small note but: Be good if you wore high heels more often in those pictures . . . .

And again, a big thanks to my amazing girlfriend (I should call her Mag or MAG in these post, for 'my amazing girlfriend') who not only allows me to run this site but helps me find pictures and offers advice; and when I wasn't working she paid the DNS and SqareSpace fees for the site.

This post took about two hours to put up and Mag even made me coffee.