Featuring shorts with high heels

255[865] Due to all the extremely hot weather in Perth over the last four weeks or so I thought I would try and find some pictures of stunners wearing shorts and heels.

Here are some of the better ones I found.

In this next picture those yellow heels with those light blue shorts caught my eye. What a great colour match. And those short present her bum very nicely.

This picture is particularly stunning. I really do like her shorts. They have to be just about the best shorts I have seen. Pity we can't see a little more of the heels of those wallbanger high heels she is wearing.

This next picture is a little softer than I typically post. Usually when I have soft pictures to post I sharpen them up as much as I dare before I post them. But I kind of liked the softness of this picture.

I also likes how those night-clubbing heels lift her butt up and curve her back. So beautiful.