Triple Treat (2): Time for a new feature site posting

217: Here is my second posting of my 'triple treat' postings for this beautiful Saturday morning.

I am sure that it must be time for a new feature site posting.

In this post I am featuring and reviewing a site called "Girls in High Heels". This site has the somewhat unfortunate URL domain name of "fuck-me-in-heels" however, just so you know, in going through about 100 of the entries at the top of the site I did not encounter any pictures showing any actually 'fucking in heels' going on. Also the banner for the site does state "NSFW, but no porn".

Image links to site (Opens in a new Tab)

Image links to site (Opens in a new Tab)

The very first picture on the site this morning as I began this post was the following.

Then about five picture down I came across this . . .

The pictures at Girls in High Heels are generally not as large as I like to post, but the quality is typically reasonably good. While there is no consistent size for the pictures they tend to be about 1000 pixels wide or high, depending which is the longer side.

The following picture is a bit special. It is a picture I have seen many times on various sites, but it has always been so small, or the resolution so bad, that I have not posted it on my site. Over at "Girls In High Heels" they have posted a good size and good resolution version of it, so now I can do my posting of it.

Just to demonstrate once again the effort I go to here (smile) the first picture shows the image as I found it. The second picture shows my edited version as I would post it on my site.

Don't forget to click to see larger (if you are using a larger screen).

Last one from Girls in High Heels, and does life get any better? This stunner is wearing sexy high heels and showing under-booby. There are a lot of men that think that the amazing under-booby is just about the best kind of booby on the planet. So under-boob being shown off while wearing sexy red high heels has to be right up there at the top of the scale.

Sigh . . .

So I will obviously be adding this site to my "High Heels Links" page shortly.