Triple Treat (1): First posting of a 'triple treat'

216: Here in Perth, Western Australia, it is a fantastic Saturday morning. Also this Saturday is the first day of a long weekend. Monday is a Public Holiday. I think in the UK they call them Bank Holidays. I don't know what our friends in the United States of America call a gazetted day off work—but I am sure they have them.

So three days off work … which means something now that I actually work :-)

They tried to schedule me for a small tinting job way up at Joondalup on Sunday afternoon, but I said "Seriously? Sorry, but nah".

The girlfriend and I are going down to Bunbury (where we used to live not so long ago) on Sunday and overnighting and coming back about midday on Monday. We are coming back about midday in order to try and miss all the traffic that will be coming back because I think about half of Perth 'goes south' on long weekends.

The girlfriend is actually working this morning, but she finishes at about 1:00 p.m. as she does every Saturday. Then this afternoon she has some shopping-with-girlfriends she wants to do, otherwise we would probably have gone down to Bunbury today.

So this morning while I am all alone in our new unit here in Perth I am going to do a 'triple treat' of postings as I enjoy some great coffee and listen to the radio.