Triple Treat (3): Reviewing the most recent 5 comments

218: In this final posting of my Saturday morning 'triple treat' I am going to review the most current last five comments. For all those that commented further back than that "don't worry" … I will go back and do the next five, and the next five, etc., until I catch up.

So, going from the most current first . . . Mr Plod said:

"What about posting just featuring close ups of feet in heels".

Unlike the team who had this site before me I have not been doing posts of 'just heels and feet' and I suspect Mr Plod (I wonder if he is really a 'plod' … a policeman?) is possibly a very long time visitor to this site when the old team did do postings of heels and feet.

While I obviously find high heels being worn by pretty ladies as being VERY sexually arousing (as do about 90 percent of all men … to some degree), I am more into the whole package rather than just the legs and feet with the heels. However in future I will keep this in mind and try to remember to post some pictures now and then of just legs and heels.

Ron said:

"This is a great web site"

Big thanks for that Ron. I totally agree with that statement. I just don't understand why I haven't got tens of thousands of visitors ... instead of about 140 a day. Such is life.

Tony said:

"Welcome back - what a traumatic couple of months. Hope that things settle down now!! Tell the Americans that computers are not infallible !"

Yes. I found it pretty crappy that just because Google maps does not valid an address then that address is considered not to exist. I could have supplied them with evidence that the address was real, but it was easier to just change the address for the domain registration to our new address (which Google maps did know about).

Everything else seems to be sort of 'back to normal' now, and the girlfriend's doctor says she can probably wear heels to work again the week after next. She is thinking of buying a new pair of heels to celebrate.

Tony said:

"Dylan. Nothing for a month - what has happened?"

Fx said:

"Yeah … same comment ! What's going on ?

Sorry about that. Back now. If you missed it, see the posts here and here for more information on the long break from posting.