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"High heels make the boobies more exciting"—Well known axiom


214: For anyone who left comments while I wasn't playing attention … I will go back and check them soon. Promise.

There is one HUGE upside of working in and around the city; and I am sure you know what I am about to say—the ratio of pretty ladies wearing sexy high heels is much higher in the city and the metropolitan shopping centres than it was around Bunbury and Australind. Not that I am complaining. There were some pretty hot girls in heels to behold in Bunbury.

But where the daytime ratio of stunners in arousing high heels back there was about 1:40, I think that ratio is more like 1:10 around the city area and a couple of new mates I have made have assured me that this ratio will improve even more once the warm weather arrives—complete with more bare leg on show as well. I am looking forward to it.

It is obvious what the photographer of this picture set focus on when he took this picture. The heels are tack sharp in focus, but the boobies are slightly out of focus. This photographer is aware of the axiom that "high heels make the boobies more exciting"—Yep, I just made that up but how true is it?.