A city dweller now (again)

So here I am back in the city. If anyone had of asked me about three months ago if I saw myself living back in the city I would have told them "No way!" But here I am. One does what one's girlfriend wants to do. I guess that is one benefit of renting. It is a lot easier to move, should you want to. If you owned your house then you would have to sell, pay real estate agents, get a new bank mortgage, then pay state stamp duty on the new place, and all of that hassle. With renting you just rent the new place, give your current landlord the required notice, and off you go. And if your girlfriend does it all anyway then it's even easier.

We are still not 'settled in'. There is crap all over the place.

On the upside, I have a job already. Nothing amazing but at least I am making money. I am working for a glass tinting business. Technically it's not glass tinting because we don't actually tint the glass, at least not according to me. We put reflective film on the glass so it should really be called a 'reflective film glass covering business'; but I guess it's a lot easier to just say 'glass tinting'.

We do mostly houses and offices, and with the building boom in Western Australia there is a lot of weekend work available most weekends—for those that want to get some extra money. Most business offices prefer the work done on weekends so that business in not disrupted.

About a quarter of the work is replacing existing reflective film because they either want to go to a higher reflective grade, or they want it darker; or the old film has been scratched or torn by something, or has started to bubble or crease because it was not put on correctly.

Anyway, I am sure you don't want to know about my work or the ins-and-outs of 'glass tinting'.

So here is what you really came for . . .

I really like the above picture. Although the sexy heels are white and the background is mostly white those arousing shoes still stand out and catch your attention.