My fun with my domain registration … NOT!!

Over the last seven days (plus or minus a day depending if you are in the US or Australia) the company that 'manages' the domain registration for "addictedtoheels" had it blocked. I noticed this the day after they did it. When I logged into the management screen it showed that I needed to contact support.

When I go to the page for contacting support it tells me the preferred way to contact support is via e-mail. So I sent them an e-mail asking why the site name was being blocked, because the notes on the management console gave me no indication at all as to why it was being blocked. But what I did know was that it was NOT because it had not been paid; it was paid up until January 2016.

Because the USA is almost a full day behind Australia I then have to wait until the next day to see what kind of a reply I might get. I got nothing, and the site was still blocked.

So I posted another e-mail, this time with a different subject line indicating a bit more urgency and that my site had now been DOWN for four days.

Waited a day … nothing.

So by now it's Friday with the two day wait cycle between the US and Australia. It is pretty obvious I am going to have to ring them. So at 2:00 a.m. Saturday I call and I was sort of dreading getting someone in India, or the like, that was hard to explain things to and would not understand two thirds of what I said. But thankfully I got someone who spoke English, or what the Americans like to pass off as English. I think her name was Katie.

Katie tells me that the issue with my name registration is that the address I have specified for the account cannot be validated on Google maps. Seriously! They disable name registrations because Google maps cannot find the address? Seems that they do.

I started off explaining to Katie that the address was very valid and that my girlfriend and I live there, or at least we did two months ago. But then I decided it would be easier to provide Katie with our new address, which, hopefully, Google maps would like much better as it was in the Perth CBD. And indeed it did. Google maps told Katie that was a 'valid' address.

So now "addictedtoheels" works again.

Whew . . . .

After coping with all of that, following is some suitable stress relief.