Back! … after a very busy August and September

A lot has happened since my last post, which was about two months ago.

I won't go into all the detail right now (I will do some of that later in future posts) but in the last four weeks or so: the girlfriend decided she really wanted to move back to the city (closer to work and closer to her folks); she found a place and signed up; then she got the flu that has been going around Perth and got very sick with a secondary chest infection (fixed with anti-biotics); then we had to start moving stuff from the old rental to the new rental (a return trip of just over 400 kilometre which we must have done about 10 times—but I didn't count them); during the move the girlfriend broke the little toe on her right foot (ouch!!); I managed to get a job (more about that later); we finished moving into the new rental; and then I discovered that the people the 'addictedtoheels' domain name is registered with had blocked it.

Yes!! "Addictedtoheels" was off-the-air for seven days. How sad is that? Once I noticed it, which was almost as soon as it happened, it took some time to sort it out. I will tell you about that little exercise in the next post.

In the meantime here are three pictures to help you get through until the next post.

I think that this last picture is particularly arousing. She has the almost mandatory high heels on to look amazingly sexy, but plus she has black hair which I find very sexy, and I like how her bra and panties are just carelessly (well, so it seems) flung over the back of the bed head. And she is crouched there sort of saying "I'm naked with heels on. You know what that means I want!"

It helps that she has just about my favourite size of boobies as well.