Day 8--Upright vs sideways pictures

202: One of the issues with posting pictures of beautiful ladies showing off their incredible hotness in sexy high heels is deciding, sometimes, between upright and sideways pictures. Sideways, or landscape, pictures don't display very big—especially on smartphones—due to the width. In order to see sideways pictures for full appreciation you need to turn your phone sideways and then click on the picture to get it displayed full screen. Note the following example with a picture from post 199 a couple of days ago shown with the smartphone upright and sideways. While the picture is not that much bigger when seen full screen sideways, it is a bit bigger.

Believe me, the stunner in that picture with those seriously sexy purple 4.5" foot-fall heeled sandals on is worth going to the trouble of turning your phone sideways to appreciate.

So here are two more sideways pictures for you to practice enlarging with.

Nol No! I meant practice turning your smartphone sideways and enlarging the pictures . . .