Day 6 -- 200th post … a couple of days late

200: This is my 200th posting since taking over this site from the people who originally set it up. I am kind of proud that I have made it to 200 posts. From my calculations that works out to 4.5 postings per week, which is not too bad.

Most of the postings have more than one picture. Some have ten, but I think the average is probably about three. That would mean

Also the 200 postings does not count the content I have put on the other pages on the site.

The next milestone will be my first anniversary of posting which will be sometime in August. I will try and work out the exact day I did my first posting to see when (exactly) my first posting anniversary is.

I should also mention that this posting is two days late based on my "posting a day during July" challenge that I set myself.

Sorry about that.