Day 5: Sorry girls, but really, wedges just don't work--that well

199: The last picture in the last post has prompted me to put this post together. Thanks to my almost live-in friend (when the girlfriend is away working) Will and my girlfriend for helping me put this post together quickly last night.

RCTI = 30%

RCTI = 30%

Girls, while wedges can have high heels--as can be observed in that last picture in the previous post (smaller version posted here)--I think it is important that you realise that the relative cock-teasing index (RCTI) of wedges is significantly less than for non-wedge style high-heeled shoes of the same height.

It is pretty much accepted that the visual sexiness hotness rating  (VSHR) of a female between the ages of 16 and 35 is increased by 2 points (often notated as the +2 effect; refer to Lexicon for more information) by her wearing sexy high heels. However this applies to high heels with an RCTI of close to the magical 100%, which would be something like those demonstrated in the two pictures below.

But wedge heels have a much lower RCTI.

On average the RCTI of wedge heels is probably around the 20 to 30% zone. Hence, this reduces the +2 effect down to a much lower +0.6 effect. There is still a degree of cock-arousal happening but it is significantly lower than for the same height normal heels which would have a typical RCTI of around 80% or higher.

The pictures below all have an Agreed RCTI value indicated (agreed between Will, the girlfriend, and myself).

Agreed RCTI = 85%

Agreed RTCI = 95%

Agreed RCTI = 20%

So, as you can see, even though the stunner in the last picture has her primary sexual armory in play (i.e., her boobies) she still only gets an RCTI rating of 25% from those wedges she is wearing, which in turn reduces her possible  extra +2 VSHR points down to only +0.4.