4th Day … When did you 'discover' the effect of heels

198: It's the 4th day of my "Do a post every day during July challenge". It's also Saturday morning for me here in Western Australia. As she does every Saturday, the light of my life returns to me from working in the big bad city this afternoon.

Anyway, laying is bed thinking about getting up I had this thought. I first discovered the cock-teasing effect of sexy high heels when I was about 14 in my 2nd year of high school. My maths teacher, who I will just call Mrs. W, used to wear heels every day—bless her. It wasn't an immediate thing; like the first time I saw her in heels, but over a period of about two or three weeks of watching her writing on the front board in heels I found my cock starting to react.

Mrs. W wasn't that attractive and she was probably in her late 30s. But with her back to me writing on the board standing there in those high heels she could make my interest grow. For her classes I went from a back row sitter to a 2nd or 3rd row sitter in order to get a better view of those sexy high heels.

The heels she wore were probably mostly around 3" and I can still remember the five main pairs she wore. They are sort of imprinted in my mind.

In a way it was sort of the perfect job for wearing heels. She is only standing for about 5 to 15 minutes at a time, and the rest of the time she is sitting at a desk. And she often slipped her heels off when sitting. Although I could not see her feet or shoes when she was sitting I could tell those occasions when she slipped them off from the body movements, and then again you could tell when she was slipping them back on to get up.

What about everyone else? Do you remember when you realised the cock-teasing effect of sexy high heels?

So I tried to find some pictures of what 'might' be teachers in high heels. Following is the best I could do. The quality is not up to the normal standard of this site ... but ...

I kept this one for last. I am not a huge fan of wedge heels, and most (all) guys I know are not fans of wedge heels, but this picture looks real—like she is actually presenting at some function—and those are serious wedge heels she is wearing.