Girlfriend wants to move back to the city

210: My girlfriend wants to move back to the city but it is not an easy decision. Apart from the fact that there would be a lot more women out and about for me to perve on wearing sexy high heels there is not much that I would look forward to in the city. I am not a city kind of person. I like the openness and freedom and casualness of living down here near Bunbury. Also most of my friends are down here.

But for the girlfriend her work is in the city and she has to travel a couple of hours up and back each week, and she has to 'live' away from home for three nights a week. She works Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday (the morning).

Also for the girlfriend, her parents live in the city and her 'old' friends are in the city.

She also thinks that I might be able to get a job if we move back to the city, and I would seriously love to be earning money again, but I am not sure that there are that many jobs going in the city these days either. All businesses seem to be cutting back now that the mining companies are not doing so well in Western Australia.

But she wears the heels and has the boobs, so in the end if she decides to move back to the city then that is what we will be doing.

You really do need to enjoy the picture above in sideways mode to get the full effect. This is a great picture—well I think so. Those sexy shoes just leap out of this picture at you. To me they just take over this picture totally. They have an almost perfect shape and I love the white insole against the candy red shoe.

I think the photographer must have taken his focus lock from the shoes. They are in crisp focus. Or could it just be a coincidence and they are on the exact same focus plane as the nipped on her left booby; which was far more likely the focus lock point.

Notice I used red, white, and blue for the border as well? Bet you didn't.