Been a busy week

208: Things have been a bit busy for me and the girlfriend over the last week or so.

First off she got the cold (or flu, or whatever) that is currently going around Perth city so after going to work last Wednesday morning she ended up coming back home in the afternoon. This might not be such a big deal for normal people but remember that for her it is about a two hour drive to work up the Forest Highway/Kwinana Freeway. So making the decision to come back home is not an easy one because of the long drive back and because she wasn't feeling well.

So I pampered her while she was sick. Nice cups of coffee or Milo all the time, and toast with Vegemite. Tender loving head and shoulder rubbings, and foot rubbings. We watched the whole of season five of Game of Thrones again while she was sick.

Then on the weekend her best friend broke up with her boyfriend of three years, so then we had her staying over in our guest room over the weekend. One Monday we helped her move her stuff back to her parents place and she is now staying with them … but she might be back spending the occasional day or night with us as time goes on.

My girlfriend drove off to work this Wednesday so I think it is back to my normal routine now, except for one thing but I will tell you about that in another post.

In the meantime enjoy the following pictures featuring stunners showing off in their sexy high heels.