Nope--I have never worn high heels

206: I decided it was time to work through some comments; as I tend to do now and then. I don't get very many. Usually only about three or four a month, so I can afford to reply to them in the blog—which is something I guess sites that get hundreds of comments a day could never do.

A week ago 'Heelsperve' wanted to know if I have ever worn women's high heels.

The answer is 'No'.

But I will admit to sometimes wondering what it would feel like, and also what it feels like for women to wear heels. I understand that they are generally uncomfortable and that standing or walking in heels for anything more than about 20 minutes or so can be very uncomfortable, but I also know from my girlfriend that sometimes it can be sort of amazing to be wearing heels. Like the times there are two or three guys in the waiting area at her work and she goes and tidies up the cups and plates at the coffee machine—just to give them a good look at whatever heels she is wearing that day.

I do find the heels in the picture above quite effective. She has great legs and those bonerstarter heels do seem to suit her. I can image she would cause quite a bit of cock arousal walking around in those.