A couple more featured comments--Christine and Cleavage

207: Following on from the last post, this post covers a couple more of the latest comments on my site.

The first is from "klink" and he asks for more pictures with "More tits and pussy!!!"

Well "klink", assuming you still visit my site occasionally, you will notice that the three pictures in the last posting featured stunning ladies spoiling us by letting us admire their beautiful bare boobies, and also while they are wearing serious cock-teasing sexy high heels. Also my last picture in this post features a stunner with nice boobies as well as wearing lace stay-up stockings and heels.

However, as for the second part of your request, if you wish to see bare pussy you will need to check out some of the many other high heels sites that post pictures of stunning ladies. Some of these sites can be found on my links page.

The second comment is from "peepnperve" who wants to know if a site called "Christine and Cleavage" happens to be the same Christine that used to be part of the team that started this very site.

So sad to disappoint you but Christine assures me that the "Christine and Cleavage" site is nothing to do with our Christine.

For anyone the slightest bit interested the following picture from the "Christine and Cleavage" site links to the site but !!BEWARE!! that this site does contain sexual content, however there is some other sort of interesting stuff there. Well I found some bits and pieces kind of interesting on the four or five screens I scrolled across.

And no .. before anyone asks. I have no idea if the 'model' above is Christine from the "Christine and Cleavage" site.

Now for a couple of my normal sexy high heels pictures just for you to enjoy.

I think the picture above is very sexy and, if you are viewing on a smartphone, it's worth tipping you phone sideways for a slightly larger picture. I find the combined affect of LBD (little black dress), the black hose, those long legs, and the black and silver sling-back 4" heels; and then—in all that black—the bright red lipstick on her lips. Very sexy.