2nd Day of July: Celebs in sexy heels

196: "Fx" asked if my e-mail address was still working … and I was sure it was. But this comment from Fx made me check (just to make sure) and I found out that the mail service I use was putting some e-mails in the Junk folder. Lately I been mainly checking the 'addicted-to-heels' e-mail address from my phone so I never even got to see that the Junk folder had e-mails hidden away in it. Sorry about that

But I have found them now and one of the e-mails asked for more pictures of celebrities wearing "do-me heels".

So now i will be careful to check the Junk folder and 'save' any e-mails that get consigned there by the mail service.

In the meantime here are a couple of pictures of celebs in sexy heels.

First ... Emma Stone looking seriously cute in pretty damn sexy heels.

And the other sexy Emma ... Emma Watson. Who, fortunately for us men, is a confessed lover of wearing sexy high heels.

Any requests for celebrities in high heels? Give me a challenge. See if I can find a quality picture of your favourite sexy female celebrity showing off her sexiness in heels for you!!