Saturdays are the best—'new' computer screen

183: It's Sunday now but, as you might expect, it was Saturday yesterday. As I have said in previous posts, I love Saturdays. Why? Because my girlfriend comes home from work in the city on Saturdays.

But this Saturday was a tiny little bit extra exciting. My girlfriend brought home a new screen for my computer. It's not really actually a "new" screen. It's second-hand from Gumtree but it's new to me. My old screen was a 20" screen now I have an awesome 24" wide DELL screen and the colours look amazing.

So here are the first three sexy high heels pictures edited using my new screen … and a big thanks to the girlfriend for buying me my new screen (I will get a job sooner or later and make it up to her) and going all the way out to Malaga to pick it up for me.

My first pictures edited using my new screen.