"Girls, Girls, Girls" site gone

194: From time to time I go through and check that the links on my 'High Heels Links' page are still there. I am sad to report that the site "Girls, Girls, Girls" seems to have gone.

On the upside: all the other links are still alive and well.

Here are a couple of pictures I had filled away from 'Girls, Girls, Girls' that I hadn't posted yet. Not the greatest quality, not the quality I would usually aim for in my postings, but still worth posting as as wave goodbye to 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. It's always sad to see a sexy high heels posting site go 404.

And the heels that this last stunner is wearing are famous YSL Tribute sandals in gloss black.

Now I have to try and work out how I am going to handle this in my "Links" page. I have never had a site link disappear before. Tricky . . .