Sometimes you hit a picture that is just … "scroll-stopping" amazing

192: Sometimes; as I am scrolling through the various sites that I try and check regularly for good pictures of beautiful women enhancing their sexiness by wearing high heels; sometimes a picture scrolls up that makes me stop and just stare … because the overall picture is just so stunning. I realise everybody has different tastes, but I think this picture—which I have re-posted below—is a treat in a number of ways. In fact I think I  will coin a new term here. At least I think it's new. I have not heard it before. My new term is 'scroll-stopping' and the usage is "That picture was scroll-stopping good" or maybe "That picture is a real scroll-stopper". You get the idea.

So here is my scroll-stopping picture from this morning.

Do you agree it's a scroll-stopper of a photograph?

I will be adding this to "My Favourite Pics" page for sure.

If there is one little flaw with this picture it would be that you do not get a good view of the sexy high heels. They look like sling-back peep-toe heels to me.

I really like her look, the bright red lipstick, the tied-off white shirt worn with no bra (really the only way to wear tied-off shirt), the frayed denim shorts, and then those long legs down to the black sling-back three-toe peep-toe heels.

As you can see in the first picture the photographer is Warren G, and I hope Warren G  Is okay with me featuring this picture.

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