Wednesday again … girlfriend gone to work

188: Yep. It's Wednesday again and my girlfriend has left me and driven off up the Forest Highway to go to work in the city. So I have turned on my computer and will do a couple of posts.

This is a picture I found last week and have been saving up to post.

I really like it.

When I first saved it away for posting I thought it was too yellow and I was going to remove some of the yellow in my editing of it before I posted it. But today when I opened it up for editing I decided I liked the over-yellow-gold look so I didn't tone the yellow down. I just cropped it, resized it, sharpened it a bit, and put my borders around it.

I really like the overall gold look and the sexy gold ankle-strap peep-toe pumps complimenting her golden hair. I all works so well. But I know … sexy high heels ALWAYS work.