Comment challenge results=Failed

190: In post 184 I did my 'comment challenge'. I was trying to get ten comments on that posting within a week.

I/we failed. There were only five comments posted (one of which was nothing to do with the challenge but I still counted it) and it actually went for about a week and a half.

In that post I asked what you liked your lady to wear with her sexy high heels. Following are the five replies posted.

Hsks said: More platform heels please :-) and bigger tits and some lingerie … :-)

Konstantin said: You are doing a great job, thanks! And as for your question - nothing :)

Scooby said: Love platform heels with tight jeans and low cut tank top/

Heelsandmoreheels said: Thank you for reviewing my Tumblr blog. Appreaciate it. Thanks.

Fortia said: Suspender stockings - - and nothing else please!

So I found this for Fortia, heels and suspender stockings ... and nothing else.

And the following lady with larger boobies in lingerie and her sexy heels is for Hsks.

I couldn't find jeans with platforms but here is a tight dress with platforms for Scooby. If I come across jeans with platforms I will be sure to post because I am also a big fan of sexy heels with jeans.