Can't be easy being a sexy heels model

189: Considering some of the locations and poses that they have to accommodate I don't think that being a model for sexy high heels is that easy.

"Okay. We want you to get naked, put on these sexy high heels, and then pretend to be climbing up that rope".

Even if she managed to start to go up the rope I don't think she is going to get very far up it with those heels on.

"So ... we have this inflatable duck. We are thinking just put on these panties and bonerstarter high heels, then lay on your back on the duck with your legs up in the air and look as sexy as hell".

Well she certainly made that pose work. Very nice.

"Do you have any problems with pretending to hitch a ride by the side of the road wearing nothing but stop-and-fuck-me-now bright red ankle-strap high heels and a lose fitting fake fur jacket that is basically falling off? Oh, and by the look of the weather you might get drenched in a downpour of rain if we don't get this shoot done in time".

These ladies are amazing.

I often wonder how much they are paid. I really hope they are well paid. They sure deserve to be.