Target—200 regular daily readers by 30th June

169: Back in August last year (2014), when I managed to get Christine and Justin to let me take over this site, I was totally sure I could get to 200 regular daily readers by Christmas and something like 500 by June this year.

Sadly the number of daily visitors is still under 200. It is about the same as it was when I began posting to the site.

So I am going to make 200 regular readers per day my target for the end of June.

I am going to try three things.

Firstly, as "Wallpapers" is currently third on the Top 20 things people seem to look at I am going to try and get some more sexy high heels wallpapers onto the wallpapers page.

Secondly, as "Beauty sans heels" is sixth (averaging 21 views per day) I am going to find and add some new stunning pictures to that page.

Thirdly, I will see if the editor of Goodshit will feature my site again and this time see if he will actually post some of my pictures in-line on his site along with the referral.

If anyone has any suggestions to make in regards to how to get the number of visitors up then please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Seriously, out of the 100s of millions of men surfing the Web daily surely I can get my daily visitor count higher than it currently is at around 170.