Sexy heels make men more compliant

167: I came across this article on the Psychology Today site.

Image links to article.

Image links to article.

The article relates to a study done by Nicolas Gueguen in 2014 which explored the effects of women's shoes on men in a series of four experiments. In one of the experiments Gueguen had his group of college aged young women wear various heel height shoes and to walk around the street and to 'accidentally' drop something in the clear sight of nearby males.

Gueguen noted that the height of the heel had a direct and measurable effect on men's helping behaviour. When the women wore flats or low heels (up to 2 inches) then nearby men only reported or assisted with the dropped object 62 percent of the time. When the women wore high heels (3.5 to 4 inches) nearby men assisted with the dropped object 93 percent of the time.

In another experiment the young females went to a bar wearing different heel heights. The idea was to measure how long it took the women to be approached by men. The ladies in the high heels had a man interested in about 8 minutes, whereas it took 14 minutes for those women in flats or low heels.

None of this is probably surprising to readers of this site, but I thought it was interesting anyway.