Fedor Shmidt's site of beautifully shot women

168: I was trawling through the usual high heels sites seeing what other sites were posting and looking for quality images to add to my 'pending folder' for posting one day, and I came across the following picture.

For some reason this picture really appealed to me. The heels are basically slides, which I think are just about the sexist heels a woman can wear—so that helped. But there was more. It was just a really great shot. The kind of picture you would buy as a 20" x 30" canvas print for about $150 and hang in your office.

In the top left corner you can just make out part of a name so I tried finding the photographer on the Web, and eventually I did. The photographer is Fedor Shmidt and you can get to his site (opens in a new Tab) by clicking on the following image.

The text on Fedor's site indicates that the site contains XXX rated images however this is not really the case from what I scrolled through. XXX indicates naked men and women engaged in explicit sex. I did not come across any such images; however I will note that I did not look at the entire site. There is a hint of pussy here and there, and in some pictures there is a male hand caressing a female body, and there are bare boobs here and there.

So from what I saw I would rate this site a low XX and probably only X.

Following are a few of the other images from the site and I hope that Fedor does not mind me putting these up.

Not too sure if the green-light squiggle across her head in the picture above is intentional or an editing mistake that was not picked up?

From my quick visit to his site it seems that Fedor goes for that film-grain look in many of his pictures, and in other pictures he has a dark sultry sort of look happening.

Before you go rushing over to Fedor's site to look at all the sexy high heels pictures I will point out that only about 1 in 30 pictures on his site feature ladies wearing sexy high heels. But if you want to look at some very well done sensual and arousing pictures of beautiful ladies then Fedor's site is certainly worth a visit.

Getting back to the picture that originally lead me over to Fedor's site, I managed to find the original of it.

As you can see, the original is in colour; however I do like the black and white version at the top of the post. I have no idea who did it (I did not see such a version on Fedor's site) but just keeping the heels and the panties in colour works really well. It highlights very well that this is a picture of sexy high heels more than being a picture of a naked female.

Also there is some silver 'stuff' on the floor near the heels in the colour version that is quite obvious and this is far less obvious in the monochrome edit. At first I thought it has been edited out but it is still there, just harder to see in the black and white tones.