Heel spotting in the city—great to see so many ladies wearing heels

173: Unlike my amazing girlfriend, who has to come up to the 'city' every week to work, I rarely visit the city these days. However last week I came to the city with her so I could catch up with a couple of friends.

One of my friends took the Thursday off from work and one of the things we did was go into the actual city for some serious high heel spotting.

We parked at London House and went along St Georges Terrace and had lunch at the new Dome (well it's new to me). I have to say it was awesome sitting there at a window seat in Dome and doing some serious high heel spotting. It was great to see so many working ladies trotting past wearing sexy high heels. It seems to me that more ladies are wearing heels to work these days and that the sexiness of high heels being worn to work has gone up a notch or two since I used to work in the city. So it was really good to see.

After spending about an hour heel spotting at Dome we went over to Central Park and then walked up the Hay Street mall. There didn't seem to be as many ladies in heels in the mall. Probably because that is more retail and there are less office working girls there. After walking up and down the mall once we went back to Central Park and had coffee at The Deck Café. Probably due to The Deck being at the bottom of the Central Park business tower there were a number of ladies there in sexy heels having coffee.

So it ended up being a good day heel spotting in the city and I plan to do it more often than once every two years in future.

As always I want to thank all those women that wear their sexy heels to add some glamour, sexiness, and colour to our grey and worrisome lives. I know heels are not comfortable and that they are hard to walk in (especially on the uneven paving around the city), but so many of us men do appreciate that touch of arousing sexiness.

I know someone who has a pair of satin and gold-fleck peep-toe heels very similar to those is this last picture. The platform on her's is probably half the height. Maybe I should get her to buy a hot little denim top like the one in the picture to go with them? I love denim worn with sexy high heels.