Seven comments in April … I think that's a record

165: There were seven comments posted in April and I think that is a record for me since I have been running this site. It's great getting comments and I want thank these people for commenting.

The seven comments were—from oldest to latest [the notes in square brackets are from me]:

  • From "hzzz" who said he had just found my site and promised to visit often. He has a heel fetish [as do about 90 precent of all men … to varying degrees] but has only recently revealed this to his wife [but she probably knew, I find that women have antenna for these kinds of things].
  • From "Vanisshen" who commented on my posting about an article in the local news suggesting women should not be wearing high heels to work ["No heels at work … seriously !!" here] because they are a safety issue, are too sexy, and a health hazard for the wearer].
  • From "Fx" who wanted to know who the girl from Playboy was [in this posting here, at the bottom, but I am sorry that I don't know who she is].
  • From "Sean" who gave me the hint that the first wallpaper girl was Little Caprice [thanks for that].
  • From "westwilly" who confessed he was a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson and asked for more pictures of her in heels [I will try to remember to save Scarlett in heels pictures as I come across them for a posting].
  • From "JOHN" who said "HELL I LOVE HEELS AND YOUR SITE … T Y" [thanks John, I do my best].
  • From "heelsmakemehard" [great nickname] who said "Wow, Emma Watson those legs ……. Wow" [so I guess he is an Emma Watson fan, especially if she is wearing sexy heels … which she almost always is].

And now here a few sexy high heels pictures to get you by.

I really like the picture above. I am not that into leather or the leather look, but I do like jeans or long pants with heels. I think that is a really sexy look. I am also into black hair.

I am totally not into pantyhose. I think they are ugly. But suspender stockings and stay-up stockings are pretty sexy and these milky white stay-ups go very well with these sexy lavender pumps.

Now you have to admit, that yellow and pink underwear goes so well with her gloss pink platform pumps. Very nice.