Five selections from various sites on the links page

171: It is so annoying when something goes wrong with the SquareSpace site as you are entering up a post and you lose it all and then have to start again.

Anyway, trying for the second time, following are five quick selections from various high heels sites from the Addicted-to-Heels "High Heels Links" page.

Any picture of Miranda Kerry in sexy clothes and heels is ALWAYS worth posting.

As regular readers will be aware, every picture posted here is 'edited up' in some way—every single one. In some cases it might just be the cropping and the borders, but in most cases it is more than that as I work to highlight the sexy high heels.

In the case of this next picture I am pretty happy with the 'editing up' that I did on it. Following is the original picture before my editing.

Below is the 'edited up' version. It has been cropped and borders added, but I have also added some overall fill light plus I have given the heels some special attention to bring them up more. I have also used Photoshop Element's noise removal to remove some of the digital noise from the picture.

I hope you agree that from the perspective of showing off her sexy high heels that my edited picture is an improvement on the original.