Thursdays are always a bit lonely

155: Thursdays are always a bit lonely with the girlfriend taking off to the city every Wednesday morning to go to work . But after an Easter long weekend Thursday morning is even lonelier.

I am also feeling a bit down because I still haven't managed to get a job. It is getting harder and harder to get work due to the downturn in the WA economy because of the iron ore price falling so much.

Oh well. Here are some stunners showing off their sexiness in high heels to pick us all up a bit.

She could be saying "Do you think these heels go with these bikini bottoms?"

"What you staring at? Haven't you seen a woman out getting some fresh air and doing some stretching in her black panyhose and femdom heels before?"

It's kind of fun trying to 'name' sexy high heels. I don't have my girlfriend here to verify with her but I think these would be 'semi-plat peep-toe pumps'. Although they do have that mary-jane strap thing going on as well. So maybe the full name is 'semi-plat mary-jane peep-toe pumps' or even 'semi-plat mary-jane peep-toe pump stilettos'?

It can be really hard naming women's shoes. And maybe they are not semi-plats because according to my own personal and very beautiful high heels consultant, to be a semi-plat (semi-platform) the platform needs to be less than about 1.5 cm and that platform on those seriously sexy high heels looks like it could be over 1.5 cm.

It's not easy naming heels. No doubt when the girlfriend sees this posting she will text me let me know where I went wrong.