Is it "Wear your heels week" yet?

156: I was thinking that there is a day, week, or month for just about everything. There is father's day, mother's day, Valentine's day, Anzac day, Golfer's day, bikini day (seriously, it's the 5th of July—must have been determined for the northern hemisphere), World Animal day, Re-evaluate your life day (19th of October), Eat Oatmeal month (January—again, must be a northern hemisphere thing), get organised month, and let's not forget "International talk like a pirate day" (September 19th), etc, etc.

I really think that what we need is a 'high heels appreciation week' or a 'wear your heels week', or maybe a 'wear your heels grocery shopping'. That last one could be a favourite of mine. Imagine all the men helping with the grocery shopping that week.

Interestingly, while researching this post I found an article (go here to see the whole article in the Huffington Post) that says shopping in high heels makes women more astute shoppers. Research indicates that wearing heels while shopping results in buying only what they actually need and not over-spending on their shopping. So maybe shopping in sexy high heels is not quite as silly as it first sounds.

Seriously, what other high heels Web site provides this kind of research and narrative?

And now here is some high heel eye-candy, and I just want to point out that it was not easy finding quality pictures of women out shopping in high heels.

This first one is Ashley Greene out doing some grocery shopping in sexy high heels and a little black cocktail dress.

The next one is Taylor Swift taking her US$20 million dollar insured legs out for some exercise in some seriously sexy sky high heels while doing a bit of shopping. The foot-fall on those heels has to be very close to 4.5" if not 5".

Blake Lively out shopping ... or something like that. I like the orange heels with the deep sky blue dress. Nice match.