No heels at work … seriously !!

154: On the morning news review show on channel 9 this morning the female host read out an article from the paper suggesting that women should not be wearing high heels to work. What! Seriously!

There are three main arguments against high heels at work:

  1. High heels are unsafe in the workplace.
  2. High heels are too sexually suggestive to be worn at work.
  3. Wearing high heels for 8+ hours at work can cause long term back, leg, and foot heath issues.

I don't disagree with 1 and 3.

In some workplaces I agree that high heels can become a safety issue. When I worked in the city the women were always trying to get the inside word on when the next 'surprise' mock fire drill was going to happen (they were roughly done twice a year) so they did not get caught having to go down the 22 flights of stairs in heels, or in bare feet if they took their heels off for the decent—which is what most of them obviously did.

Many women kept a pair of flats in their work locker for just such an 'emergency'. But the problem with that approach is obviously having enough pre-drill warning to get to the lockers and put the flats on. Some women, who had permanent work stations, would keep flats in a drawer.

Also just walking on the pathways around the city was a major obstacle course for those in stiletto style heels. Even I could see that. Trying not to trip over one of the billion cracks in the paths, or getting a heel jammed stuck in a crack, or snapping a heel off a $600 pair of shoes.

On the third point I don't think there is any doubt that standing or walking in high heels for too long is almost certainly not good for the back, legs, or feet. I think that most women would be smart enough not to wear high heels to work if their work required them to be standing or walking for long periods of time.

In the case of my girlfriend, who wears heels at work every day—as do most of the other women who work there—she is sitting most of the day and there is only one floor level at her work. So she puts her heels on in the car in the carpark, walks about 150 metres to her 'office' (it's actually a reception desk), then sits down. She gets up from time to time for coffee, to go and chat to someone about something (a message she has taken, or something), to take a customer to the salesperson they have come to see, or maybe just to go for a 'good health' get-the-heart-pumping walk out into the sales yard.

While sitting at reception she can even slip her heels off and give her feet a break.

We have actually talked about how long she would standing or walking in heels each work day and it is probably no more than about 1.5 hours spread over the 8 hour day, with large breaks in between.

So that brings us to the second 'issue' relating to wearing heels to work: High heels are too sexually suggestive to be worn at work.


Firstly I would think that most women who do wear high heels to work are pretty careful that their work heels are not too sexy. I know my girlfriends is. She goes for low platforms, mostly only about 1 cm or less, and a maximum 10 cm foot-fall heel height. The style is generally full pumps or pump-peeptoe.

When shopping for work heels one of the questions she asks all the time is "Do you think they are too sexy for work?"

In her shoe rack her work heels are separated from her sexier more arousing party and clubbing heels.

Also, if heels are too 'sexually suggestive' to be worn to work then what about shorter skirts or tight bum-hugging skirts? What about lower or slightly open tops? What about push-up bras? What about make-up? Where does it stop then?

I know this is becoming a really long post (sorry about that), but I totally think women should be allowed to wear heels to work if they so choose and the work they do allows it; regardless of the sexual interest attributes of high heels. Surely it's every woman's God-given right to look attractive and sexy if she wants—even at work.

I don't work in the city these days, but what fun would it be going down somewhere for coffee and not being able to look forward to seeing some women down there sipping coffee showing off their sexy high heels?

These heels might be suitable for work, but I am not that sure about the rest of her outfit.

Possibly just a tiny bit too sexy for work. Might arouse the boys more than she intended.

Now these black pumps in the shot below are just about perfect for work. My girlfriend would probably say they have too much of a platform, but I think they are okay. Also the higher platform sort of allows for a lower foot-fall height. The foot-fall on these is probably about 3.5", making them slightly more 'comfortable' for work wear.

This is what I mean by going down for coffee (when working in the city) and getting to take in the beauties in their eye-candy high heels. I do miss that about the city.

What do you think? Do women wearing high heels at work cause too much of a sexual distraction for the men? Are heels just too sexy to wear to work?

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