Almost hit 200 daily unique visitors

153: On the 3rd of April I got 191 unique visitors to my site. So close to the 200. I realise that even 200 is rather pathetic when there are something like 2 billion people on the Internet but I just don't know how to get more people visiting my site.

One interesting thing is the main page that people are visiting. As you can see my the metrics screen capture at right the main page people are linking to from the search engines is my links page. Links to the "Links" page of high heels sites I have featured is almost double the next most popular page, which is the wallpapers page.

Looks like I had better get busy digging out some more wallpapers. I only have two on the wallpapers page at this stage.

The blog entry "Six girls wearing nothing but their high heels" (here) is the first actual blog entry from the main page that is being linked over to from the search engines or site referrals. I can only assume that some popular other site has a link to this featured on their site because I don't imagine anyone doing a search for something like "six girls wearing heels".

And now, to recover from all those numbers, here is some light relief.

I know an amazing lady that has a pair of heels a bit like the ones in the picture above ... and it's a long time since she last wore them (hint, hint).

I have to admit that suspender stockings are a great match for sexy high heels. Just a tiny hint of bare pussy in this picture but I think it's okay for this site.