Complete list of clothes sexier than high heels

I thought that the following list might be a useful reference for some people.

Off to work in sexy heels.

After many hours of thought and research I have compiled a complete list of clothes that a woman can put on and wear freely out in public anywhere she wants, even to work or a funeral or to court, that are more cock-teasing and make her look hotter than wearing high heels.

  1. ...

I drew a blank.

I couldn't think of anything sexier than heels that she could wear in public or anywhere she wanted to.

I even rang up one of my high heels posts consultants (mates) and he suggested that a crop top with a hint of under-booby showing might trump high heels in the cock-teasing department, however I pointed out that there were two obvious issues with this suggestion: firstly, as amazing as under-booby is, I just don't see it as being appropriate for work or suitable dress for a funeral or for a lawyer to wear in court; secondly, a crop top with a hint of under-booby is really removing clothes and not putting them on in that this requires the removal of the bra.

So the bottom line here is that under-booby crop top does not even qualify for the list.

Following are some example of heels-in-public. In the case of the first picture I also point out one of the common hazards.

This seems to be a common hazard women need to be careful of. In their rush to go out in public in their heels the two ladies above have overlooked putting on their knickers.

Although, now that I think about it, at the last 'hoes and bros' party I went to I think about half of the girls there were wearing pantyhose without knickers. Maybe it's the new thing?

The next picture shows Emma Watson out and about on the red carpet in sexy high heels. Emma always looks amazing in heels and you can tell that she knows it.

Notice the photographer on the right of the picture making sure he gets those sexy high heels in the picture.

The lady in the next picture seems to me as though she just cannot make up her mind which of her cock-teasing high heels to wear to the clubs tonight. Such are the hard decisions girls have to make when going out to get attention.