Trying out "A2H Picture Packs"

160: This is something totally new. I am going to try out A2H Picture Packs of the pictures featured on this blog starting with the pictures posted by the original team going back to the very start.

I have been trying to work out how to do this without taking up data from my allowance on SquareSpace. My plan is to upload the A2H Picture Packs to the Microsoft OneDrive location that I get with the e-mail account I have for the site. This is the same place I put the wallpapers for downloading.

To start with the Picture Packs will contain about 50 posts worth of pictures because back when the previous team started posting the images were not that big. When I get to the later posting where the images get two or three times bigger and each picture is close to 500KB (0.5MB) then I might start putting 30 or so pictures in a pack. But it will depend on how popular they are I suppose.

I have created a new page on the site called "A2H Picture Packs" and I will post an entry into that page each time I put up a new A2H Picture Pack. I will also post a corresponding post into this main blog page.

This first A2H Picture Pack contains the pictures from the first 1 to 50 postings. The Picture Packs are in ZIP format so they can easily be opened and viewed on a Windows XP or later PC.

Click here to go directly to the first A2H Picture Pack posting (it will open in a new Tab).

And now here is the guaranteed new set of picture with every post.