First A2H wallpaper is "Little Caprice"

Thanks to site visitor 'Sean' I/we now know that the stunner in the first wallpaper posting here at Addicted-to-Heels is Little Caprice. I have now done a bit of research on Little Caprice.

Little Caprice has a Wikipedia entry, but I can't read it.

What I have been able to work out is that Little Caprice is from the Czech Republic and her real name is Marketa Stroblova. She was born in 1988 and has also gone by the names Lola, Lola D, Lolashut, Marketa, and Patricia.

It turns out that Marketa is a porn actress.

I found a number of sites featuring Marketa but most of the pictures on these sites were too explicit for me to re-post here at Addicted-to-Heels. I had to scroll through lots of pages to find suitable sexy high heels pictures of this cutie.

Following is what I found.

This could be the definitive collection of pictures of 'reasonable quality' of Little Caprice in sexy high heels that don't show her bare pussy.

These pictures were found on two sites. I went right to the end of the "Fuck Little Caprice" site (here) and I went up to page 40 on the "Fuck Yeah Caprice" site (here).

Note that both these sites are XX rated.

Caprice also has her own Web site. As far I can tell it is legitimate (i.e., it is her site). Click on the image below to check it out (it will open in a new Tab).

Hope you like the pictures above that I picked out, and a big thanks to Caprice/Marketa.