Time for a new high heels site link-Only Sexy Heels

157: It is a long time since I added a new link for a high heels site. The last addition to my links page was back on the 27th of Feb.

Maybe I will try and be consistent and add a new site link each month. I will put it in my calendar so I don't forget.

This month's site link is for "Just Heels" which is also called "Only Sexy Heels".

Just about all of the sexy high heels posts at Just Heels are full nudes and I estimate that about three quarters of those show bare pussy. Because of all the bare pussy pictures it was hard to find a few picture that were suitable for posting at my site—due to the "no bare pussy, except for small hints on rare occasions" rule.

Although there is a lot of bare pussy most of the pictures I came across (I checked down to page 40 of the site) were R rated. I only encountered about ten pictures showing sexual activity. But because of this I will have to rate the overall site as X rated.

This first picture does show a hint of pussy but I think it is okay under the "suitable for your 15 year old daughter to see" rule-of-thumb.

I had to post this picture because I really like pictures of beautiful ladies wearing their arousing high heels in old rustic settings.

With this second picture I was so impressed with my editing of the picture I have included the before picture so you can see the results of my touching up of the image.

I have learnt quite a bit doing this site over the last eight months or so. I have gone from someone who knew nothing about picture editing on a computer to the point where I have become quite fast at editing up pictures. It sort of makes me think about buying a decent camera and taking pictures, but I would need to get a job first.

Apart from it being cropped and adding a border I have brightened it up overall, then I made her heels stand out much more (brightened them more and added some red) to make them more of the main focus of the picture, and then overall sharpened the picture.

Not bad for someone who knew nothing about photograph editing eight months ago. Many thanks to Christine from the old Addicted-to-Heels team for her e-mail lessons on using Photoshop Elements and her insistence that "every picture MUST have a border to lift it off the page".

Sigh. Heels just make a woman look so friggin amazing.

So beware, lots of pussy at this site but otherwise a pretty good high heels site and one that I will try to remember to check out more often than I have been.

Go to my link page (here) to find the link to this site.