Other interesting (?) stats from the site

135: As long as I am on the subject of stats (see previous post) I thought maybe some people might find the following stats interesting. Anyway, even if you don't, there will be the usual sexy high heels posts at the end so you can just scroll over the following notes and go directly to the good stuff if you prefer.

The stats:

  • The average visitor looks at 3.47 posts.
  • The most unique visitors to the site in a day over the last 30 days was 199 (didn't quite make it to 200).
  • The most used browser by visitors to the site is Safari; used by 36.19% of visitors.
  • The second most used browser is Chrome; used by 34.04% of visitors.
  • The most used operating system is Windows; used by 38.39%.
  • The second most used operating system is Android; used by 24.82%.
  • Third most used is MacOSX; used by 20.66%.
  • Fourth is is iOS; used by 12.65%.

I learnt something I never knew from this. There is a version of Apple's Safari Web browser for Windows. I now plan to load Safari on my computer and see how well Addicted-to-Heels works in Safari.

In the picture above it looks like she is asking her hubby or boyfriend, "Do these heels go with this outfit? Are they making my butt look firm?"

Great match with the heels, panties, and bra. It would almost be a shame to put any clothes on over them.

I find red wine goes perfectly with sexy high heels. In fact, now I think about it, I can't think of any alcoholic drink that does not go with sexy high heels.