F11 that browser for maximum picture size

136: Most of the 'main' pictures posted by me on Addicted-to-Heels are 1,200 pixel high if they are tall pictures, or 1,200 pixels wide if they are wide pictures. This will depend on the starting size of the picture because I don't try and make smaller pictures bigger. This just makes them look worse.

The best viewing experience for this site is on a screen that is at least 1,200 x 1,200 pixels such as a 1920x1200 desktop monitor (not to be confused with a HD monitor which is only 1920x1080), or a 2560x1440 tablet or phablet mobile device screen.

If you are using a desktop PC then another trick is to use F11 to make the browser go into full-screen mode, then click on the picture to see it full size.

The following example shows the picture normally in the blog. The next example shows the same picture after using F11 and then clicking on the picture to show it at its largest possible size that the browser will allow.

And now my normal sexy heels pictures that come with every post. . .

Oh no! I went to hold my dress down any my top popped open.

See! They are stay ups ... not suspender stockings.