(Un)-sexy in Crocs—only 3 search results

Found on Tumblr.

133: This post was inspired by my girlfriend who suggested I add something to the Addicted-to-Heels Lexicon about how un-sexy (her word) Crocs are.

In looking up stuff on the Web in relation to how un-sexy Crocs shoes are I found all sorts of funny pictures and comments. I thought I would do up a quick post to share them.

Understand that this post is supposed to be sort of humourous while also being somewhat close to the truth.

Crocs and Croc-style shoes basically have the completely opposite affect to high heels.

When a female slides into a pair of high heels—no matter what else she might be wearing—her sexiness increases by about 20% and in some cases even more. Nothing else she can put on and wear outside in public has this much effect.

The full impact of the magical sexiness increase of the heels will vary depending on her age and attractiveness, but—whatever—she will achieve some degree of useful increase.

Conversely, when a female puts on Crocs or Croc-style shoes her relative sexiness quotient immediately plummets by around 20%. It would not matter if she were Sarah Hyland (or Emma Stone, or Jennifer Lawrence, or Emma Watson, or Taylor Swift, etc.,) and was only wearing bikini bottoms—her sexiness rating as assessed by any nearby heterosexual males would nose dive.

No Crocs (click to enlarge).

No Crocs (click to enlarge).

There are lots of humourous image postings on the Web relating to this de-hotness effect of Crocs and Croc-style shoes. I have included a small sample of them in this posting.

Also, if you do a Google search for "looking sexy in Crocs" you only get 3 hits ... as you can see here.

But if you do a search for "looking sexy in high heels" you get 28,600 pages found.

I found a post from November 2012 which was a list of "The 50 Ugliest Shoes in History". If you would like to see the complete list you can find the article at the NY Magazine (here). But you guessed it; Crocs were Number 1.

In case you can't read the text in the middle of the picture below on your smartphone (because the picture is too small and you don't want to enlarge it) it says:

"Molded from a proprietary material called croslite, Crocs are lightweight, waterproof, and bacteria resistant. But unless you're in surgery, a restaurant kitchen, or kindergarten, they're one other thing too: unnecessary".

Okay. I think I am done. Here are a couple of my regular sexy high heels pictures now to remove the shock of reading about Crocs.

Especially for the Taylor Swift fans. I know you're out there.

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