March is almost over … four comments

151: It is 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 31st of March where I am. This is likely to be my last post for March.

I had four new comments in March. Thanks to those that commented.

Fgumby said "Thanks for the wonderful site! Keep up the good work".

Vanisshen said "In my opinion, your site is the most simple yet delicate high heels website, I can certainly tell that you put a lot of effort on this website. You mentioned that you spend money on building and maintaining this site, but I think you can achieve the same with a free blog account from, for example, Tumblr. With a larger social network, you can easily gain more viewers".

When I took this site over from the previous team of Christine and Justin it was already on SquareSpace. Back then I just took it over as it was because I knew almost nothing about working with a web site. But now I am more confident with it I have thought about moving it somewhere free like WordPress or Tumblr and I might try this sometime in the future.

Grister said "Like all your posts and the new lexicon. Great definitions. I look forward to each new post".

Hzzz said "Just found this site, nice work. Will visit this often. I am a long time heel-fetish. But just recently talked to my wife about this. And she took it really well, in fact she bought couple of fuck-me heels. One black with 5cm platform and 16cm heel and metal spikes and one pair with about 12cm heel and with small 1-2cm platform. And she looks amazingly hot with those on!".

Seriously. Is there anything that goes better with a bikini than sexy high heels?