150th Post … what makes high heels so amazing?

150: Yep. If my counting is correct this is my 150th post since I took over this site. I don't know how many pictures that works out to but if you work on an average of 3 pictures per post it would be 450 pictures of beautiful ladies wearing sexy high heels that I have posted.

I think that in this 150th post I should ask what has to be one of the most puzzling unanswered questions in the universe: What is it about her wearing high heels that makes a beautiful lady instantly look so much more sexy and arousing once she puts those magical shoes on?

I realise there are many theories about how or why high heels work their hotness enhancing magic on the female form and I am not saying that there isn't something in these well-known theories of longer legs, lifted butt, arched back, better stance, breasts enhanced, etc., but I still don't think we really know what their power is. I think there is still some powerful secret effect we have not worked out.

Enjoy these four examples of the +2 effect of sexy high heels while you ponder that.

Getting ready to go to a 'hookers and pimps' party wearing the stripper heels he bought her. Trying to decide whether to leave the dress zipper all the way open or not.