Selections from 'old team' posts 434 to 466

147: Carrying on with my re-posts of beautiful ladies in sexy high heels from the past, here are five selections from posts 434 to 466 done by the 'old team' with Christine and Justin.

The above shot is a beautiful picture. So sensuous. Stretched out on her bed wearing nothing but her sexiest cock hardening high heels.

My girlfriend has a couple of 'old' sheets reserved for when I manage to convince her to wear heels in bed for me. She doesn't want to damage 'good' sheets wearing heels in the bed.

If find the above picture really arousing as well. It's like she visiting someones mansion of a house as part of a tour, and she was feeling so sexy in those heels that she had to find a secret little spot away from the tour crowd to just bare her boobies and bask in the feeling of hotness. After a couple minutes of indulging in her sexiness I imagine she did the top of her dress back up and rejoined the crowd.

The perfect outfit to go for a spin in her sports car. Obviously she will slip the shoe off her accelerator/brake foot before driving but.

In my mind the stunner above is so absorbed in wearing and showing off her bonerstarter heels that she doesn't realise her beautiful breast is peeking out from under her loose-top dress.

Now that has to be just about the perfect amount of clothing to wear out in the garden—seriously sexy high heels and nothing else. Might have to suggest it to the girlfriend; but sadly we live in a unit with five other units in the cluster and our 'garden' is out the front.