Another picture of the 'first wallpaper girl'

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Click image to open Wallpaper page in new Tab.

148: I don't get many e-mails via the site; only two this year so far. The latest one (i.e., only the second one this year) is from "heelcum-tony" and he (I am assuming it is a he) has sent me another picture of the stunner featured in my first wallpaper posting (which is here).

Following is the picture provided.

The picture provided was huge (2254x3000 pixels). I have re-sized it down to 1,500x1,058.

Tony has an interesting nickname when you think about it. Apart from the way it is spelt it could also mean "he'll cum".

Anyone know who this stunner is? Remember that anyone can e-mail me using the address encoded in the image in the sidebar. If you have any quality sexy heels pictures you would like to share with the site then feel free to send them in. Pictures need to be about 1,200 pixels high and (obviously) feature sexy high heels. Note that pictures showing bare pussy will not be posted. Basically, as a general rule, if you wouldn't want your 14 or 15 year old daughter seeing them then don't send them.