A small selection from 4Chan

149: Here is a quick five picture collection pulled off 4Chan today. Hopefully not too many readers have already seen them on 4Chan. I generally do try to post pictures that are not being commonly posted everywhere else.

I know someone else that sometimes does the 'film star' recline on the lounge and flashes lots of leg when she is showing off her unbelievable hotness in heels. Thank goodness for amazing beautiful ladies.

Before anyone asks ... No. It's not Emma Stone. But I thought it was worth posting.

It's like she just bought those heels that day then rushed home to to slip on something sexy and some stay-up stockings so she could put them on and experience the sexiness.

I know I have used this before but it really does look like she is asking someone "Are these heels lifting my butt and curving my back like they should be"?

Good to see her panties have been put on over the suspenders. I think she might be saying something to her boyfriend along the lines "Pity I can't go to the night club like this".

Generally the quality of a lot of pictures on 4Chan is a bit lower than I usually like to post, but I am thinking I might do a regular check of 4Chan for new sexy high heels pictures. I can often improve the picture quality with a bit of editing in Photoshop Elements. I am getting pretty at doing that now (at least I think I am).