Introducing the new 'Wallpapers' page and first sexy high heels wallpaper

144: I have worked out how I am going to do the wallpapers page. As the wallpaper images will be larger, in order to save valuable SquareSpace file space I will put them on the Addicted-to-Heels 'OneDrive' storage.

I am pretty pleased with myself about this plan. As I have said before, I have learnt so much in the seven or so months since I took over this site from the previous team.

I am not too sure how many quality wallpapers I will find or post. It may only end up being ten or so; maybe less. But at least they will all be together on the new Wallpapers page.

Following in my first wallpaper picture.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the new Wallpapers page. From there, should you want to, you can obtain the full sized 1920 x 1200 wallpaper.

Please let me know if there are any issues so I can fix them up.

And following is the guaranteed, at least one, sexy high heels picture with every post.