Being indexed by 'Yahoo!' now

140: In my latest site statistics for the last week I notice that there were seven referrals from the 'Yahoo!' search engine. This is the first time I have seen 'Yahoo!' in the list. The Google search engine obviously has the highest number of referrals with 673 for the week.

It's kind of interesting that Microsoft's Bing search engine only had six people use it to find my site. I like Bing and probably use it more than Google.

Looks like the heel on her left shoe is a bit worn down. Maybe that is why she is looking a little sad. A girl should never have to wear worn down high heels—never, ever.

That's what I like to see. A woman taking a chance and wearing her 5" bonestarter high heels out in the wild. She's likely to get a lot of offers of a quick coffee and probably a few offers of dinner.